Car / motorbike

From 01.09. to 22.10.2016 it isn’t possible to arrive or depart via Blankenheim.

Coming from the north (Cologne) via A1:
Please stay at the highway A1 until the end, do not take the exit Blankenheim, but drive straight on!
At the end please turn to the left on the L115 direction Nürburgring. After ca. 1k please turn to the right and follow the sign to Reetz. At the end of the main road through Reetz turn to the left, direction Freilingen. After ca. 1k please turn to the right at the sign of Eifel-Camp and you will reach the entrance after a few hundred meters.

You can open a map and a description how to reach the Eifel-Camp in a new window; to print the directions choose file > print.